Phoenix welcomes sponsor to first summer gig


Phoenix had a surprise visitor to their first 2024 summer performance at the weekend.

The orchestra, who were performing in the bandstand at Abington Park, Northampton on Sunday afternoon, were thrilled to see Tom Bruton, owner of their sponsor Saxtet Publications, out in the audience!

“It was great to see Phoenix Saxophone Orchestra and to hear lots of Saxtet Publications titles being performed,” said Tom. “The audience were thoroughly entertained!”

Saxtet Publications is a leading music publisher offering a wide range of music that’s written by, and for, saxophonists, and Phoenix has many Saxtet pieces in their repertoire. The Saxtet catalogue includes works from more than 50 composers and arrangers who, being saxophonists themselves, really understand what each type of saxophone can and can’t do, and how the different ranges and timbres of the instruments fit together for best effect. You can find out more online at

Orchestra member Jane Smith said: “This is the first time that Phoenix has performed at Abington Park. It was a lovely sunny day, a beautiful location and the audience were fantastic. To have Tom come along to see us as well really was the icing on the cake!”

If you’d like to catch the orchestra this summer, they’ll be at New Park, Melton Mowbray on 9 June (2.45-4.30pm); Rockingham Road Pleasure Park, Kettering on 14 July (2-4pm); Hunsbury Hill Country Park, Northampton on 27 July (2-4pm); Western Park, Leicester on 28 July (3-4pm) and at St Mary Magdalene Church in Cottingham village on 31 August (7.30pm).

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