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Clarinet and Saxophone Magazine, December 2021


Harborough Mail, 25 November 2021

19 November 2021, Harborough Mail (web link)
“World renowned saxophonist comes to the Harborough district – Gerard McChrystal led an all-day workshop at Church Langton Community Hall

11 November 2021, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Harborough orchestra takes part in the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society awards after being shortlisted for national prize”

20 September 2021, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Harborough orchestra formed just before the first lockdown will be performing
in the town centre for its first live show”

Harborough Mail, 16 September 2021

3 September, Harborough FM (web link)

3 September, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Harborough orchestra bids to win a top national award – and they need your help”

2 September 2021, Classical Music UK (web link)
“Royal Philharmonic Society announces 2021 RPS Awards”

2 September, Aberdeenshire Evening Express (web link)
“Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra shortlisted for prestigious national award”

22 June 2021, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Harborough orchestra unites with musicians hundreds of miles away to produce a cross-border video”

21 June 2021, Grampian Online (web link)
WATCH: Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra join English group for International Make Music Day virtual performance

21 June 2021, BBC Radio Leicester, Make Music Day

Jack Rafferty Interview with PSO’s Jane Smith

21 June 2021, Harborough FM, Make Music Day

Harborough FM, hourly news bulletins

Summer 2021, Making Music ‘High Notes’ Magazine

18 March 2021, Harborough Mail

15 March 2021, Harborough Mail (web link)
“World-renowned saxophonist is full of praise for Harborough orchestra as he shares his wisdom with them”

Spring 2021, Clarinet and Saxophone Magazine

29 January 2021, CASS e-newsletter

21 January 2021, Leicester Mercury

21 January 2021, Harborough Mail

Front page header and article on page 8

21 January 2021, BBC Radio Leicester
(Table Talking with Jack Rafferty)

Listen from approx 36 minutes

14 January 2021, Harborough FM

Hourly HFM News bulletins featuring the money raised by our Christmas Charity Single. Click to play

13 January 2021, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Virtual charity single by a Harborough orchestra raises hundreds of pounds for charity”

24 December 2020, Harborough Mail

17 December 2020, Harborough Mail

14 December 2020, Leicester Mercury

14 December 2020, Harborough FM

11 December 2020, Harborough FM, 9am to 11am

Hourly HFM News bulletins featuring Phoenix Sax Charity Christmas Single, Gaudete! Click to play

Evening show featuring Phoenix Sax Charity Christmas Single, Gaudete! Click to play

9 November 2020, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Harborough orchestra is releasing a new virtual Christmas single for charity”

22 October 2020, Harborough Mail

8 October 2020, Harborough Mail

1 October 2020, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Flourishing new Harborough orchestra wrap up their second recording on video”

25 September 2020, Harborough FM (web link)
“Phoenix Sax members go live from their own homes”

25 August 2020, Harborough Mail (web link)
“Meet the international saxophonist who hopes to inspire Harborough musicians”

16 July 2020, Harborough Mail

10 July 2020, Harborough Mail (web link)
“How Harborough musicians have made their first recording from their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and garages”

March 2020, CASS Magazine

March 2020, Market Harborough Living Magazine

14 February 2020, Harborough Mail

6 February 2020, Harborough FM online (web link)

30 January 2020, Leicester Mercury (web link)
“Saxophone Orchestra launched”

28 January 2020, Harborough Mail online (web link)
“A new orchestra packing loads of pure sax appeal is hoping to hit all the right notes in Market Harborough”

27 January 2020, CASS website (web link)
“New Phoenix Saxophone Orchestra rises in Leicestershire”